Neele-Vat expands storage of hazardous goods and opens a third warehouse on the Maasvlakte


Neele-Vat Logistics specializes in warehousing of hazardous goods, in accordance with the PGS 15 guidelines. We are constantly investing in improving and expanding PGS 15 storage. In mid 2019 we will therefore open our third, high-quality technological warehouse on the Maasvlakte. This new distribution center of ± 21,000 m² will be specialized for the storage of merchandise and packed dangerous goods. Unique to this warehouse is the filling, packaging, mixing and storage of liquid chemical products.

In total, ± 6000 m² will be set up for the storage of hazardous goods in accordance with PGS 15. The 3 compartments and the shipping zone, with a total of 9 docks, will be monitored with a CO2 extinguishing system. In addition, ± 12,500 m² will be suitable for storing merchandise, which will also be monitored with a sprinkler system. The hull will partly consist of a concrete construction and partly of a steel construction. The façade will be finished with a concrete plinth and steel sandwich plating.

Unique to this warehouse is the filling, packaging, mixing and storage of liquid chemical products which is integrated in ± 1500 m² of the warehouse. Every year 75,000 to 100,000 cargo is expected to pass through the complex, for Rotterdam partly new cargo.

Neele-Vat already has two other warehouses at the Maasvlakte. By combining these three locations, we now have a total of 60,000 m² of storage and warehousing capacity, approximately 100,000 euro pallet spaces and a 13,000 m² full service terminal.

Activities new location

Refrigerated storage of hazardous substances

For some products it is necessary to store them refrigerated. This is to guarantee the shelf life or to prevent chemical reactions taking place. We have 30 years of experience with refrigerated storage. Because of our focus on safety and quality, we are a smooth link in your supply chain. We will also set up a cold store at this new location. We will focus here on the storage of temperature controlled chemicals.

Filling, packaging, mixing and storage

With the newest building on the Maasvlakte, our services will be expanded with the packaging and repacking of your (liquid) chemicals. Whether it is packing full cars to IBCs, cans or barrels. We willing to see if we can provide a solution for your product.

Specifications new warehouse

  • 21,000 m2 of surface warehousing
  • 30 loadingdocks
  • 100,000 tons of capacity blending & filling
  • 3 Bunkers
  • Specifications all warehouses
  • 100,000 Pallet sites
  • 66 Loadingdocks
  • 3 Extinguishing installations (foam, co2 and water)
  • 14 PGS-15 Bunkers

Need advice?

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