Update 28-05-2020

Neele-Vat Transport

Spain: quarantine for drivers without a truck
Spain continues the emergency measures until June 7th and introduces additional quarantine measures. This means that the borders are closed to people who want to enter Spain unless they belong to the group of exceptions. The transport of goods is one of these exceptions. Truck drivers can continue to travel to Spain if they are with the truck. People who want to travel to Spain from abroad must be quarantined for two weeks. Drivers who enter Spain
with their trucks are exempt from this measure, but without a truck they must be quarantined.

Germany: recommendation suspension of driving bans
On May 19, the German Federal Ministry of Transport advised the regional authorities to suspend additional German summer restrictions for the motorways on Saturday between July 1 and August 31 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. A response from the regional authorities is still awaited. The states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony-Anhalt have already granted such an exemption. We will hear soon how the other federal states will react.

Italy: new certificate
Following the message that drivers no longer need to carry any certificates, the Italian government has indicated that a certificate is still needed, albeit very simplified.

Finland: exemption from exceptions to drive and rest times
Finland will abolish exceptions to driving and rest regulations from 1 June. From that date, the regular EU drive and rest time regulation 561/2006 will apply again.

United Kingdom: no quarantine for drivers
The United Kingdom (UK) has announced new measures to prevent the spread of a possible second wave of the coronavirus. Anyone traveling into the UK is required to self-quarantine for 2 weeks and must fill out a form (locator form) regarding their stay. A small part of the travelers are exempted from this, including transporters. These measures do not apply to their drivers. The measures will take effect on June 8.

Bulgaria: issuing declaration form
As of May 22, everyone who is excluded from quarantine measures, including truck drivers, must complete a new form and hand it over to the border control authorities upon entering Bulgaria. In order to reduce waiting times at the border, drivers are requested to fill in this document prior to entering Bulgaria.

Update 07-05-2020

Development of the German economic sectors

On 20 April 2020, the Automotive industry, along with suppliers and service providers, decided to gradually restart vehicle production. The production of spare parts and engines was not interrupted, only reduced. In-house ‘corona expert teams’ are developing strategies to enable employees to work safely, taking into account prescribed measures and recommendations.

The Chemical industry has largely offset the decline in sales due to the increased need for disinfectants and the production of raw materials to make protective clothing.

The Mechanical engineering industry is facing the loss and cancellation of orders. Around 84 per cent of companies do not expect an order growth in the next three months. Most companies (43 per cent) even expect the situation to worsen.

Orders in the Electrical industry have collapsed and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (ZVEI) is expecting a double-digit drop in sales. For example, 55 per cent of the participating companies are already receiving fewer orders than before the crisis. As many as 26 per cent have reported a drop in orders. Companies expect an average drop in sales of 14 per cent.

Retail: Consumer behaviour – dependent on the development of unemployment and short-time worker rates – is currently difficult, if not impossible, to estimate. Even online retail is experiencing a decline in sales, despite the fact that physical stores are closed.

Planned departures from containerships

Factories in China have reopened in recent weeks, but Europe and the US are still being hit hard. Demand is being squeezed by this and trade volumes are being reduced even further. The full extent of the crisis is clearly visible in the canceled departures of container ships. 20-30% of scheduled departure times through May are canceled (source: Ocean Insights). It is difficult to say how this will translate into an annual growth rate for 2020, as the situation is very uncertain.


While COVID-19 is at the forefront of all political, economic, and public debates, Brexit deadlines are fast approaching. From an international trading perspective, nothing changes until 31st December 2020. During this transition period, the EU regulations, which the UK works within in relation to
customs, VAT, and excise, will continue exactly as they were while negotiations as to the possible options of an agreement between the UK and the EU continue.

1. A free trade agreement is negotiated
2. A ‘No Deal’
3. An extension of the ‘transition period’ is agreed upon

While the core deal is sought to be secured by 31st December, talks are expected to continue into 2021 with complementary agreements to be added which will supersede some of the temporary agreements that may have to be put in place.

Neele-Vat Transport

On the roads to and from Eastern Europe, we are no longer experiencing any delays or disruptions . Even at the borders, there is a smooth passage.

Update 30-04-2020

In these challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuno Vat sends a very powerful message to the people working in the port of  Rotterdam. Without them, everything comes to a standstill.

Update 24-04-2020

Countries hit most by the coronavirus value chain shock

Even before Covid-19 led to country-wide lockdowns, supply chain shocks and weak foreign demand were already taking a toll. Small open economies, such as Ireland, Luxembourg, and Vietnam now look to be the most vulnerable. In the G10, Canada is hurt most by the hit to foreign suppliers while Germany is hurt by reduced foreign demand.

The economic damage that Covid-19 inflicts on a country is not only driven by the government policies to stop the spread and ‘flatten the curve’ but also by disrupted supply chains and the impact on individual companies. These disruptions started even before countries went into lockdown and will continue after they are over.

Countries that use a lot of inputs from other countries hit by the virus early on suffer from their openness on the input side of the economy as the virus disrupts the supply of intermediate goods that they need for their own production. Countries that produce a lot of exports suffer on the output
side, as the virus suppresses spending.

Taking these two channels together means that open economies are hurt much more through global value chains than less open economies. Open economies will suffer for a longer period of time from the supply and demand effects of the coronavirus. Luxembourg, Ireland, Singapore, and Vietnam are among the most vulnerable countries.

Of the world’s 10 largest economies, Canada suffers most from the fallout of foreign supplies and Germany suffers most from weaker foreign demand.

The above does not mean that closed economies are better off in this crisis. Whether a country is better off depends to a large extent on the question of how much its production capacity is hit by the virus.

Neele-Vat Air

Airfreight to and from China is out of control. There is no stopping the import rates. At this moment rates are 20x higher than the rates before the Corona crisis.

Update 09-04-2020

Neele-Vat Logistics

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase across Europe, USA and the UK, we have seen the following effect on global markets:

  • Decrease in global airfreight capacity resulting in significant increase in rates
  • China à Europe alternative: Express Rail Solution
  • Increase in storage requirements across China, USA, UK and Europe
  • Significant increase in demand for PPE across Europe, UK and USA
  • Ocean freight: Ports across the globe remain operational. FCL requirements are decreasing due to uncertainty in the market, providing opportunity for increased Express and Standard LCL
  • Requirement for Supply Chain Sourcing and Consulting increasing

Neele-Vat Transport

We kindly remind you to only send shipments that have been checked by your clients and can definitely be delivered.

On cargo that we cannot deliver because the consignee is closed, we have no alternative than to pass all arising costs such as, failed delivery and storage costs. 

Neele-Vat Ocean

The port of Rotterdam and associated logistics and industrial activities have been classified as a vital sector by the EU and the Dutch government. To predict and prevent potential hiccups in the chain as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak, Rotterdam’s port sector is organising a twice-weekly consultation attended by representatives of the local nautical service providers, terminal operators, interest groups and other partners in the chain. This consultation is presided over by Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. This way we do our utmost keeping the port safe.

Update 07-04-2020

Neele-Vat Transport

The following applies immediately: Effective immediately and indicates that freight transport drivers must undergo a medical examination

  1. Those who do not show symptoms of COVID-19:
  2. As a Hungarian national, if the destination is Hungary, the person must undergo official quarantine for a fortnight after crossing the border.
  3. As a foreigner, if the destination is Hungary, the person must leave the country within 24 hours of the unloading of the consignment.
  4. In the case of transit traffic, the person must leave the territory of Hungary in the shortest possible time and via the designated transit route.
  5. Must wear a face mask and rubber gloves when traveling in Hungary.
  • Those who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19
  • Hungarian nationals will be placed in designated quarantine facilities.
  • Non-Hungarian nationals may not enter the territory of Hungary.

quarantine measures for Romanian drivers

Romania has announced new measures that will enter into force on 31 March 2020. These measures only apply to Romanian drivers.

When entering the country, drivers of trucks with a maximum permitted weight of more than 2.4 tons have the option to choose quarantine/isolation for the protection of their families, for a period of up to 14 days between trips.

One of the following options can be selected:

  • quarantine in areas provided by the employer;
  • the isolation at home together with all persons with whom they live, or alone, in another available living space;
  • quarantine on request, in the spaces made available by public authorities, with support for the costs associated with quarantine.

Update 31-03-2020

Neele-Vat Transport

From 27/03 Russian government suspended all passenger flights to/from Russia

The week from March, 30 till April 06 announced by the Russian government as a “non-working week”. All people strictly recommended staying at home

As of 30/03, Moscow imposes mandatory lockdown after Russian capital records more than 1,000 infections. With four hours warning, authorities introduce strict new regulations with no indications about how long they will last Russian customs will work this week in the restricted regime, cargo transport still on go.

Finland shuts down Uusimaa to fight coronavirus. The government is proposing to use emergency legislation to enforce the rules, which will also mean restaurants, bars, and pubs need to prevent customers from entering their premises.
The transport of goods will continue as normal. The effects of roadside inspections are not yet known. Our expectation is that the impact will be minimal.

The United Kingdom, Ireland & Scotland
We are currently experiencing a significant delay in shipments to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland. This delay is due to external security measures because of the Coronavirus.
Another issue we currently have is that drivers are not given any papers at the terminals in England and Ireland. The customers must, therefore, arrange that the freight papers arrive
at the customer/unloading address and return signed themselves.

Via this link, you can see the situation at the border crossings in Europe.
Truck border crossing times (These times are indicative and no rights can be granted)

Neele-Vat Air & Ocean

New York
So far there are no plans to close the port or the airports.  The number of cases in NY/NJ is the highest in the US at the moment. Our area has more than 50% of the total cases and half of the number of fatalities. Despite all of that we are still doing our job and for the time being the ports will remain open.

Update 25-03-2020

Neele-Vat Air & Ocean

Please note that India is in lockdown up to the 15th of April.

The Pakistan government has imposed a complete lockdown in the largest city Karachi. This will be effective up to April 7th.

Bangladesh is in lockdown up to April 6th.


We kindly remind you to only send shipments that have been checked by your clients and can be definitely delivered. On cargo that we cannot deliver because the consignee is closed, we have no alternative than to pass all arising costs such as, failed delivery and storage costs.

Road transport still unlimited allowed.
Parking Goordijk in Port of Antwerp is closed.

Drivers ex NL, Spain, Italy, Uk, France, Germany are allowed to load and unload but have to leave the country within 24 hrs. Transit cargo is obliged to leave the country within 24 hrs.

Road transport still unlimited allowed.

Road transport still unlimited allowed. At the borders, big traffic jams are expected due to extended controls till April 13.

Since March 16th there are extended controls at the borders with Austria, Swiss, France, Luxembourg and Denmark. This results in extra waiting times.
Road transport is still unlimited allowed.

Road transport still unlimited allowed. Seaports open. At shortsea container terminals, we experience very long waiting times.

Despite emergency situation called, road transport still unlimited allowed.

The border between Hungary, Slovenia and Austria are closed, also for road transport. No cargo allowed that is originating ex Italy, China, South Korea, Iran, and Israel.

CLDN/ Cobelfret and Seatruck Ferries have stopped to carry driver accompanied trucks. At shortsea container terminals we experience very long waiting times.

Road transport still allowed. However lots of companies no longer reachable.

Drivers ex Italy, Germany, France, Swiss, Spain, Austria, UK, the Netherlands and Sweden and not in transit are obliged to go in to quarantine for 14 days. Long traffic jams at the borders.

Road transport still unlimited allowed.

Road transport still unlimited allowed.

Intensive controls at borders and drivers are obliged to do extra paperwork at borders. Road transport still unlimited allowed.

Extra controls at borders. Road transport still allowed but is directed to selected border passes.

International trucks and in transit above 3,5 tons are not allowed to enter the country. Only trucks with a final destination for Slovenia are allowed.

Road transport still unlimited allowed.

Road transport still unlimited allowed. At shortsea terminals, we experience very long waiting times.

Road transport still unlimited allowed. Seaport open.

Road transport still unlimited allowed

Turkish drivers that enter the country and delivered cargo are obliged to go in to quarantine for 14 days after delivery. Foreign drivers are obliged to go in to quarantine for 14 days at the border before entering the country.

United Kingdom
Road transport still unlimited allowed. Seaports still open. At shortsea container terminals, we experience very long waiting times.

Update 24-03-2020

Neele-Vat Warehousing

Although the Dutch government has announced new measures, which we as Dutch people have to abide, the Netherlands has not been shut down like other countries.
All our warehouses are open and container/trailers are being (un)loaded. Some people, who were ill, have returned again. On the other hand, other people called in sick this morning.
Nevertheless, we have been able to finish all the work at the end of the day so far and expect to continue doing this.

Neele-Vat Air & Ocean

USA Trucking
Truckers across the US are scheduled to remain operational. We do however anticipate some driver shortages across the states with a work from home mandate.
Furthermore, additional domestic trucking resources will be redirected/re-deployed to support the growing “essentials” needs, such as keeping the grocery stores replenished. Pick-ups/Deliveries will also depend on shipper’s/consignees’ warehouse operation, which will vary.

Update 23-03-2020

Neele-Vat Ocean

“Port is vital and operations continue 24/7”
CEO of Port of Rotterdam, Allard Castelein praises operational continuity and resilience of Europe’s largest port and industrial complex. The port of Rotterdam is and remains open for business,
despite the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on society and the economy. That is Allard Castelein’s message for the Netherlands, which owes more than 6% of its earning power and 385,000 jobs to the existence of the port of Rotterdam.

Castelein: “In view of the economic significance of the port, it 0makes complete sense that shipping handling has been designated by the Dutch government as a vitally important process, both for the Netherlands and for consumers and producers in the European hinterland. Shippers, shipping companies, manufacturing industry, consumers: everyone is counting on Rotterdam. I’m proud of the fact that the port and industrial complex fulfills this important responsibility day in and day out. From pilots and boatmen to world players in container handling and oil refineries: everyone has a contribution to make. Cargo handling and production continue unabated. The Harbour Master Division is monitoring safety and public order on the water. The port is working as usual
and operations continue 24/7.”

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and other essential links in the logistics chain have taken measures to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Health is our top priority. At the same time, we are also trying to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on the functioning of the port of Rotterdam and the industry. We have very frequent consultations with the various nautical service providers, companies and interest groups, both bilaterally and in a range of consultation structures. There are also very regular discussions with public authorities, both local and national, with the aim of ensuring that the port continues to operate as well as possible in the current difficult conditions.

Port of Houston – US
Following yesterday’s announcement that Port Houston, The International Port of Texas, closed both Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals, the port resumed vessel operations at 1900 local time on Thursday, 19th March 2020.
An investigation was conducted due to an ILA worker, who recently worked at both Bayport and Barbours Cut Terminals, testing positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), and measures were taken accordingly with the ports able to re-open less than 24 hours after they were closed.
Both container terminals will be open for regular business from March 20th.

Neele-Vat Transport

All border crossings are closed in Turkey to passengers from the following countries: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Turkish truck drivers entering the country from any of the listed countries are quarantined at home for 14 days.

Non-Turkish truck drivers (if they are not nationals of the listed country) entering the country from any of the listed countries are quarantined at the border for 14 days and are not allowed to enter Turkey during the quarantine period. Truck drivers from the above countries are not allowed into Turkey by the Turkish authorities.

Update 20-03-2020

Neele-Vat Ocean

Due to severe equipment shortage shipping lines will start to introduce an Imbalance Surcharge on all export cargo from North West Continent ports.

The surcharge will be applicable for dry van containers (20’ and 40’), as from sailing date around the beginning of April 2020, until further notice.

Port of Rotterdam
It has become clear in recent days that the situation relating to the spread of coronavirus is changing very rapidly. New and unexpected developments, including those requiring additional measures, are likely in the days and weeks to come.

Port of Houston – US
The Port Authority has learned that someone who worked at both Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. In light of this information, and in an abundance of caution, both public terminals are closed and operations are temporarily suspended while a thorough investigation is being conducted.  The Port Authority’s other public facilities remain open.

Neele-Vat Air

Please note that some of our staff is working from home.

Airports worldwide are closing down, because of governments’ decision to lock down the country. Some freighter carriers offer additional freighter options to and from Europe. Until now, we have been able to handle most shipments normally and have found solutions for our customers, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for solutions.

Neele-Vat Warehousing

It is very busy in our warehouses, today. Trucks are in line waiting to be loaded. Due to the fact that we have fewer people available we experience longer waiting times.

Our apologies for this, however, trust that our customers and haulers understand the situation. Of course, we do our utmost to load the trucks asap.

Some good news

To end today’s newsletter. As Neele-Vat Logistics, we are also pleased to inform you that we have been able to donate  10 pallets with food to the Dutch “food bank”. This ensures that these goods
are not wasted

Update 19-03-2020

Neele-Vat Transport

We kindly remind you to only send shipments that have been checked by your clients and can be definitely delivered.

On cargo that we cannot deliver because the consignee is closed, we have no alternative than to pass all arising costs such as, failed delivery and storage costs.

Belgium is in a lock-down as well. This will probably mean that the loading and unloading process is delayed.

Germany, Austria, and Portugal
Transit times will be longer due to intensive border controls (measuring of temperature).

The border between Austria and Hungary is closed for all private transport. The border between Hungary and Slovenia as well. Cargo is allowed to go through.

Driver accompanied transport to Ireland (via CLDN) is stopped.

In Italy, drivers are no longer allowed to leave the truck when arriving at the destination. Drivers must be equipped with masks and gloves. Transport documentation is to be sent electronically.

In Croatia drivers from Italy, Germany and Holland are mandatory to go in quarantine for 14 days when entering the country.

In Poland, all drivers are obliged to fill in special paperwork at the border which results in very long traffic jams

Slovenia has closed the border for trucks in transit. Only trucks with cargo destined for Slovenian destinations are allowed to enter.

All other countries remain as is.

Neele-Vat Warehousing

Our warehouses are still operational, although we see a significant drop in the number of orders in certain warehouses. Because of this, we have exchanged warehousemen to replace the people,
who are on sick leave,  in the warehouses where we need them.

Motivation among our staff is good and we do our utmost to serve our customers in the best way we can.

Neele-Vat Ocean

One way container traffic from and to Germany is getting harder by the day. Because of this situation, we can only offer this service with reservation. Round trips are no problem for the time being.

Neele-Vat Air

Neele-Vat Air is in daily contact with overseas partners and freighter airlines to move your shipments to and from The Netherlands. We have strong partnerships with airlines and partners, so please reach out to our office for customer-made solutions.

Update 18-03-2020

Neele-Vat transport

Deliveries to Austria are really hurt by severe constraints. Border control creates hours of delay, we, therefore, cannot guarantee fixed deliveries.

The waiting times at the Polish border runs up to 20 hours. We can still load but the lead times are longer and the capacity is less.

Our transport network is still in operation. All staff, either working from home or at the office are reachable on the normal numbers.  ”We kindly remind you to only send shipments which have been checked by your clients and can be definitely delivered. On cargo that we cannot deliver because the consignee is closed, we have no alternative than to pass all arising costs such as, failed delivery and storage costs. Please also be informed that we cannot longer adhere to booked deliveries, fixed deliveries.

“Since we as a company are internationally oriented, we also have to deal with the measures taken elsewhere in Europe. In short, the situation can change daily. But of course, we will keep you informed of the developments

Neele-Vat Ocean

United States of America 
Parts of the US have implemented a “soft-quarantine” where only essential businesses are allowed to operate. Logistics is specifically listed as an essential business, and ports continue to operate
in the US.

It’s our first day through quarantine in California and it’s business as usual. We have asked most of our employees to work from home and have implemented strict guidelines on how to limit in-person contact. We’ve made plans to make sure your cargo continues to be loaded and shipped.

The Port of Oakland shared a press release stating that the quarantine will not affect their operations. The US Customs office also remains open. The Head of US Customs in the Port of Oakland
confirmed to us yesterday that their work is considered an essential service and they will continue to clear cars for export overseas.

Everyone understands the severity of the situation and is following social distancing guidelines.

The only things that have changed are that there are fewer people in the streets and restaurants and bars are closed. Stores continue to operate without any issues. People are safe and calm. Everyone understands this is a necessary precaution.

Neele-Vat Air

As more and more countries all over the world are going into lockdown, passenger airlines
will cease or reduce their flights into various destinations worldwide. Please reach out to
Neele-Vat air for updated information on your shipments.

Update 17-03-2020

Neele-Vat transport

After government measures in France for a “total lock”, deliveries depend on the opening of unloading addresses.
Commercial transport can and may still enter and leave France, but many companies close their doors indefinitely around noon. This may involve that drivers may not be able to unload and shipments must be returned. Until further notice, Neele-Vat drivers will continue driving for the time being. Before we load orders, we must be sure that unloading addresses are opened.
In summary: drivers keep driving, but I hope you understand the longer delivery times.

Neele-Vat Ocean

The port of Rotterdam and the industrial complex are vital for Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Northwest Europe. We are proud of that fact. We do our utmost to be the safest, most efficient and most customer-focused port and business area. Not just in good times, but also now. Rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on the Neele-Vat Ocean team. Obviously, we cannot do this on our own. We will continue to nurture our alliances with all our partners, clients, and suppliers.

Neele-Vat Air

For airfreight options to the US, our focus is on the usage of freighter carriers. Passenger carriers have stopped or reduced their flights to and from the US. Prices are high and space is limited.
We see a slowly recovering export market into China with better pricing, although not all passenger carriers have resumed their flights into China.
Carriers have increased their pricing to other Far East destinations and space is limited.
Neele-Vat Air has made some pre-bookings into the major US airports and some Far East airports to service our customers.
Please reach out to our office for more information on your shipments.

Update 16-03-2020

Neele-Vat Transport

Neele-Vat Transport adheres to all instructions given by local authorities. Our drivers, subcontractors, and partners are aware of the new standards on hygiene, the distance between people and the relevant communicated guidelines.

Till today all European road freight services of Neele-Vat are still in operation.

We kindly advise our customers that transit times on all European routes could be affected due to:

-Increased control on nearly every European border.
-Restricted permission to enter receivers’ premises.
-The availability of drivers is getting less.

Our office staff, likewise our drivers and subcontractors, are fully guided by advised procedures. In order to safeguard consistency, our office planners are prepared

– The home office infrastructure is installed.
– Planners can work in shifts
– Extra distance is created among staff.
– Colleagues with potential risks due to health are sent home.
– People who have within their networks a Corona contamination are sent home
– People who have traveled are obliged to work from home for 14 days.

To all our customers: Please ask your clients (receiver of your cargo) confirmation that your cargo will get unloaded.

On Italy and Spain, services are very limited to the following postal zones:

20 – 24 – 25 – 21 – 23 – 26 – 14 – 15 – 31 – 36 – 35 – 38 – 43 – 42

08672  08700  08718   08781  08785  08789

08695  08710  08719   08782  08786  08791

08698  08711  08773   08783  08787  08699

08712  08779  08784   08788

Neele-Vat Warehousing

The coronavirus is currently a big issue in the whole world and has an impact on our daily lives. As a logistics service provider, we do our utmost to maintain the level of service to our customers. All within our capabilities.

Our warehouses are open and the majority of our staff are working. Nevertheless, the government sets new measures in motion every day. On the one hand, these are imperative measures that we, as a citizen and company, must follow.  And on the other, advice, that we take very seriously.

Neele-Vat Ocean

At Neele-Vat Ocean we have taken the necessary steps for the coming period, there will be colleagues working from the office as well as from home. It is possible for the staff to work from home and log into our system.

In principle, we do not need physical files to work, all matters can be handled as usual. Telephones are forwarded to your contact person (s) when working from home.

In addition, we keep in very good contact with our global partners as well as suppliers to keep a close eye on everything and to handle bookings and shipments as you are used to.

We kindly request you to send us your instructions and/or documents as soon as possible, so that we can also prepare everything on time.

Update 12-03-2020 (Italy)

The measures in force in Italy will remain in force until April 3. Transport is experiencing major delays at the borders with Italy due to checks on the coronavirus, possible delays of up to 2 days. Despite all stops in Italy, professional freight transport is still allowed. However, it is urgent advice to check your suppliers or recipients for the ability to receive/ship your goods before they are shipped. We also recommend that you keep following the media reports about the situation.

Update 10-03-2020 (Italy)

Decree of the Council of Minister no. 59 dated 08/03/2020 has been extended for the whole of Italy. Italy, as a whole, has been declared as “Red Zone”.
Furthermore, there is no change with regard to professional goods transport which is allowed to drive normally.

Update 09-03-2020 (Italy)

Yesterday it was all over the news that Northern Italy is being cut off from the outside world. For the record, this does not apply to the movement of professional goods. Our services to and from Italy, both by road and intermodal, will remain operational until further notice, also in quarantine areas. Goods in the aforementioned areas in Northern Italy can enter and leave the area. Transporting goods is considered to be a valid work-related reason for relocation. Carriers can therefore both enter and exit within the affected areas, but only for loading and unloading. Of course, we are and remain careful and our drivers will take protective measures. All our agents are fully operational.

We advise you to check the status of your Italian recipient before you make a booking, whether you are able to receive or send your shipment.

Italy’s entry and exit prohibited areas
Casalpusterlengo, Codogno, Castiglione d’Adda, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini, Castelgerundo and San Fiorano.